About us

Sağlam Nəsil MMC is an organization producing organic fertilizer “TOG”, based on cow manure. In the market of organic fertilizers, our company is a young, but promising player. The team includes professors and candidates of sciences, who are leading experts in the field of agricultural science and biotechnology.

Our goal and objectives

The Azerbaijani market of organic fertilizers is only in its infancy. The stimulus for the formation of the market should be the growing demand from the end consumers of “clean” goods. Other factors in the development of this industry are the development and implementation of modern equipment for the processing of organic waste, the transition to solving environmental problems in general.

Organic fertilizers include substances of biological origin that do not harm the environment and provide safe food.

What is the advantage of organic fertilizers over mineral fertilizers?

Mineral fertilizers are a complex of substances used to grow various crops: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and others. A mixture is created depending on many factors: the need for acidification of the soil, the type of climate zone, the degree of load on the soil, and others. Only after the establishment of all the bases should mineral fertilizers be applied in a certain proportion. When they are introduced into the soil, the processes of dissolution and absorption begin. According to existing statistics, depending on their type, from 30 to 60% of the necessary elements are not absorbed, that is, they are gradually washed out by groundwater, and their regular use depletes the soil, which affects the quality of the product. In the case of organic fertilizers, this percentage It turns out to be minimal, which is due to the connection of substances with a certain specific substance, that is, the presence of components inside the natural environment. With organic fertilizers, such situations do not arise, because the biological substances that we first removed from the soil together with the crop return to the soil, where they should be in the natural circulation of elements in nature and proper use of agricultural land.

Long-term comparative tests of leading scientific institutions of various countries have shown that the cost of organic fertilizers does not exceed the cost of mineral fertilizers. Moreover, their beneficial effect on the soil, prolonged for several years, allows agricultural enterprises to achieve significant monetary savings while improving land quality and increasing crop yields. For the effect to be achieved, it is not enough just to buy and scatter compost across the fields of the enterprise – it is necessary to correctly, fully and systematically introduce new “green” agricultural methods and technologies, which are the future of Azerbaijani agriculture.